Craftsmen Series Sword Only - COMING SOON


The Craftsman Series features our finest swords yet.

The Craftsman blades are made by either Sonny or Zach. The steel we use is 6150 High Carbon Spring Steel. The blades are precision ground to specs.  We normalize the steel 2 times prior to heat treat to refine the grain structure of the steel to produce a more uniform distribution of carbon content throughout the blade. Our heat treat oven is state of the art and very accurate.
We polish the steel prior to tempering to check for cracks and inclusions then temper to a Rockwell 52 for strength, resiliency and toughness.
The blades are then hand finished and sharpened to an apple-seed edge on the Craftsman Series blades

All sword fittings begin as waxes made in our shop. We send those out to a foundry right here in Texas

The Grip cores are custom made for each sword and wrapped in quality top grain leather then hand dyed to the customers requested colors.

These blades combined with our stellar track record of providing some of the highest quality leather work mean you will receive one of the finest medieval swords available.

If you have any questions about the product or just questions pertaining to customization, shoot us an email to

Or give us a call at 817-501-9706


Zach and Sonny Suttles

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